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A small pad you can just draw on. Not very fancy, but hey it works. Comment any features you think I should put into future versions. By the way if you change the URL once you have the module (under the "Edit" panel) and you change the part at the end, width=250 to something like width=300, you can make the pad wider or thinner (I couldn't make it resize correctly automatically, sorry).

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1 | Posted by greenythemonster | 10/10/2006 8:57:27
A big issue I encountered: The image I have drawn at work doesn't show up in my browser at home. Since this doesn't work the scribblepad is of no use to me.
2 | Posted by greenythemonster | 09/10/2006 11:26:44
Quite nice, some improvements: - smaller clean button - add color support bug: - module shows through my rss reader pop-up (read all)

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