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A nicer module than the netvibes one. I haven't tested international support, for now it works with US zipcodes and may or may not work with city names or other codes. (firefox only)

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1 | jbdodane tarafından gönderilmiş | 09/05/2008 8:23:34
For any city, when i click on one of the 4 tabs, it simply disappears and nothing else happens, not even an error message. Then the size of the others adjust to fill the space. It worked fine until one month ago. Anyone knows how to solve that?
2 | gyarra tarafından gönderilmiş | 26/03/2008 14:29:49
I keep getting an invalid XML message. When it doe work it's nice.
3 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 19/06/2007 2:08:27 | Sil
Works fine for me. Excellent module, thanks.
4 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 01/02/2007 12:56:14 | Sil
I tried this but it did not work. Get the following error An error occurred in the XML: End tag 'a' does not match the start tag 'td'. (117:41) <td>Barometer: . & de Summaries</a> |</td> Chris
5 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 04/01/2007 20:00:11 | Sil
Anyone will port it onto Opera? Thanks.
6 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 03/01/2007 22:04:48 | Sil
Any chance of making this work again?
7 | wlofab tarafından gönderilmiş | 06/10/2006 16:41:37
No matter how I try adding this module, I get an XML parsing error. I'm using Firefox in Windows XP Pro. Anyone know a way to get full forecasts direct from the NOAA?
8 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 26/09/2006 0:11:05 | Sil
In Firefox I get the following error: Problem while parsing the module. Not valid XML.
9 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 30/08/2006 14:26:48 | Sil
When trying the URL and no matter the city code used, I get no correct display. Any help?
10 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 30/08/2006 9:39:42 | Sil
I also get "An error occurred in the XML" using MSIE 6 on winxp pro.
11 | guest tarafından gönderilmiş | 17/08/2006 11:00:05 | Sil
is there a way to use the same weather module that is in netvibes on my own homepage? please help!
12 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 29/06/2006 14:55:58
After the first couple of times of clicking on the extra radar map buttons they stop working. Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? This is probably the best weather module i have ever seen and would like to continue using it. Thank You
13 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 19/06/2006 13:04:30
I get also the "Problem while parsing the module. Not valid XML." - does not matter if I put the module on my start page or any tab. Also tried with and without '_c'. My code is: GMXX0131
14 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 13/06/2006 19:19:43
I really like this module a lot, but I need it to work in IE for while I'm at work. Any chance of an update?
15 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 09/06/2006 22:26:58
That wasn't the error, this is: Problem while parsing the module. Not valid XML.
16 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 09/06/2006 22:25:57
This all of the sudden stopped working... I get the following error:
17 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 08/06/2006 19:30:25
Does not work on first tab in NetVibes. crappy.
18 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 06/06/2006 16:09:22
Am I missing something? How do I enter my city? When I replace the URL with my own location from it fails.
19 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 04/06/2006 23:35:37
looks great on mickles' page but i can't get it to work in my netvibes. where do i input the city code etc. etc.? thx
20 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 01/06/2006 12:23:48
Jo, You are a star! A simple but excellent hack! OK, Who is going come up with a solution for changing it in the Text Forecast & the Radar Map? Many Thanks for your assistance
21 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 01/06/2006 11:28:35
1) search for the correct code for your location: ex: Belgium, Brussels is BEXX0005 2) add a '_f' or '_c' for Farenheit or Celcius So to get the weatherforecast in Celsius for Brussels, the citycode is 'BEXX0005_c'
22 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 01/06/2006 11:21:41
Nice Try! I have the same problem. Hopefully, someone can fix it? Thanks
23 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 01/06/2006 9:56:44
Woops, it seems to work but when your reload the pages you get an "xml parsing error"
24 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 01/06/2006 9:12:05
Hi all, here is how to force the units used for the temperature : Use this line (replace your citycode) in your configuration: CITYCODE_c.html?force_units=1 This will give you celsius degrees, andfor farenheit simple use : CITYCODE_f.html?force_units=1 Hope it helps.
25 | Netvibes user tarafından gönderilmiş | 31/05/2006 21:13:06
I like this a lot! Any chance of finding a way for it to show the temperature in centigrade? Thanks for the great work!

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