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  • Added on: Jun 3, 2006

A simple module using an iframe to include a web page in Netvibes. Even more interesting since Netvibes now allows to create tabs with a single column. You can change the title of the module, the URL of the web page and also its height (width is always 100%). If you want some other functionnalities, feel free to contact me: nabubuz(at)gmail(dot)com

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1 | Posted by guest | 13/08/2007 11:12:27 | Delete
Would be great to have 4 to 5 pages visually open,and being able to zoom in and out,without frames ....
2 | Posted by api565d9f1f6b7b4 | 10/08/2007 15:53:54
Great but adblock for firefox doesn't seem to work on sites. Anyone know a way to get this to work through netvibes?
3 | Posted by guest | 22/01/2007 13:27:40 | Delete
Awesome ..almost makes all the other modules pointless
4 | Posted by guest | 30/12/2006 3:05:20 | Delete
I would just love being able to set the height to a percentage value!
5 | Posted by guest | 20/12/2006 17:36:52 | Delete
It's great. Work perfectly. Thank you.
6 | Posted by guest | 27/11/2006 22:24:59 | Delete
Thanks, Garry. Good catch on the browser version issue. Any follow-ups for ideas from others out there would be helpful.
7 | Posted by guest | 25/11/2006 0:19:24 | Delete
In response to post 25 i have managed to get local file working fine on one pc but can not on another. I can only put this down to different versions of the browsers (IE7 on one and an older version on the other (working one)). Syntax is the same and i'm trying to load a html page copied to both the machines from the same place but on one pc the file loads just fine and the other just never appears. Any ideas?
8 | Posted by guest | 16/11/2006 10:01:18 | Delete
Be great if you tagged this so I could find it more easily the second, third, fourth.. time round! -d
9 | Posted by guest | 07/11/2006 15:35:30 | Delete
I'm having the same issue as Nycolas. I would like to link to a local page such as "file:///C:/Folder1/Pages/links.html" but can't get the right syntax to make it work properly. Please help! Thanks!
10 | Posted by api555306d5636a0 | 02/11/2006 1:51:49
Thanks! Now I can view all of my favorite aggregators in Netvibes. It's nice have a tabbed browsing session saved for me on the Web!
11 | Posted by guest | 28/10/2006 12:14:04 | Delete
How can it work with a local page like: file:///D:/Html/Accueil/index.html (it's my actual home page and I'd like to have it in my netvibes page)
12 | Posted by guest | 19/10/2006 23:09:13 | Delete
same for me. so disappointed, I wanted to have pandora radio in that precise window. I will come back in some weeks to see if somebody fixed that "Problem while parsing the module. Not valid XML."
13 | Posted by guest | 05/10/2006 17:33:14 | Delete
Sorry, appears to be broken in Cinnamon release. Won't save my preferances and now won't load at all or very intermittant? Help?
14 | Posted by stratovarius | 10/09/2006 23:06:16
"Problem while parsing module. Not valid XML." Has been working great until now.
15 | Posted by guest | 02/09/2006 0:12:33 | Delete
Is there any way to make a cookies-dependent website work? I use a personal installation of SiteBar for bookmark management, but I'm not able to login.
16 | Posted by guest | 23/08/2006 12:18:54 | Delete
I know that some web sites do not like being in (i)frames and this might be the case for Gmail. AFAIK there is no workaround for that.
17 | Posted by kallidiesocke | 15/07/2006 18:12:59
What about gmail? Is it possible to open gmail inside an iframe? I couldn't do it... Thanks...
18 | Posted by Netvibes user | 28/06/2006 7:05:59
always use http:// if it appears in the address bar everytime you visit the page you want to add in the module..www didn't work for me at all...! i just added a page and its working fine... i suggest to visit the page you want to add to the module and copy its complete address to the module.. hope it helps somebody jeje
19 | Posted by Netvibes user | 13/06/2006 23:59:45
Thanks for your feedback Robert. I have updated the main module, so you can use the standard URL now:
20 | Posted by Netvibes user | 13/06/2006 4:26:17
Well, your new version seems to be working fine...I've been using Meebo with it for a little while now and there are no glitches. The icon showed up fine, and although I'm not picky about where the title goes, it is now in front of the 'web page module' part.
21 | Posted by Netvibes user | 08/06/2006 22:52:03
A new version of the module is available for testing at the following URL: It retrieves the favorite icon (as long as it is named favicon.ico) and shows the defined title first. Note that you might actually have to refresh your browser's window to see the icon after you change the URL. If someone can confirm that it is working as expected, I will replace the existing version with this one.
22 | Posted by Netvibes user | 08/06/2006 0:19:31
Hello Mathieu, Thanx for your quick answer. Another minor improvement would be to set the module icon the same as the site icon, just like the RSS module. You could also change the title module to have the Title displayed first so that small module still see the Title string. For instance : Title - Web Page Module instead of Web Page Module (Title).
23 | Posted by Netvibes user | 07/06/2006 22:06:16
Hi -- I'm trying to use this with Backpack mobile ( and am getting a grey background instead of the usual white background (SO 1996). Is there anyway I can insert a CSS rule to fix this? Love the module, by the way.
24 | Posted by Netvibes user | 07/06/2006 19:03:53
Aha - thanks so much for your input, it is working flawlessly now.
25 | Posted by Netvibes user | 06/06/2006 17:56:46, it seems that the page does not support iframes. You can check this by opening the Netvibes module outside your Netvibes page. When you set this URL and click on [OK], the browser's page is replaced by the Wiktionary one. I do not know if it is possible to prevent this from happening? Also, zooming would be great but I do not know a way to achieve that. I guess we can only hope that most web sites are smart when it comes to resizing.
26 | Posted by Netvibes user | 06/06/2006 13:42:22
An enhancement would be an option to zoom to fit the page to the module frame, if ever possible.
27 | Posted by Netvibes user | 06/06/2006 13:40:50
this url : makes the netvibes page unusable, this page always make my netvibes page disapear. It is then hard to change settings to remove the URL.
28 | Posted by Netvibes user | 06/06/2006 11:21:55
This is all working fine for me. I have set up a new tab set the height to 600 and have a chat client running via all on 1 tab. Brilliant, well done!
29 | Posted by Netvibes user | 05/06/2006 19:17:18
Robert, I have found that if you do not specify "http://" in front of your URL, you will get a 404 error. I should control this in a next version but in the meantime, add it and it should be fine. Oscar, Concerning meebo, from what I saw the login page is showing and I successfully logged in with a Yahoo! account. What is the exact issue you get?
30 | Posted by Netvibes user | 05/06/2006 5:19:46
I love the idea of this module but it doesn't work with any webpages - at all. No matter what website I choose I get a "404 - Not Found" error. I have tried,, etc. and nothing works. If you can help, please do - I really would like to have this module on my page!
31 | Posted by Netvibes user | 04/06/2006 22:29:07
sorry, when i use (it´s A Msn Client) . The Module doesn´t work... but the page is online.
32 | Posted by Netvibes user | 04/06/2006 18:14:40
Bonjour, j'essaie de me mettre au développement de modules. Serait-il possible de m'envoyer le code source du fichier php du module ? Merci d'avance, -- Alban
33 | Posted by Netvibes user | 04/06/2006 13:36:50
Use it with and you will have an netvibes page with msn messnger incorporated

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