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Module pour voir d'un seul coup d'oeil toute l'actualité ! An intuitive 'at-a-glance' module built with the Google News aggregator, the Marumushi Newsmap is a great example of where graphic design can be used to distill complex data into a simple, ambient information source. Newsmap attempts to visually demonstrate the relationship between data and the unseen patterns in global news. More informations on [] All my modules are available on [] ---- Avec ce module vous pouvez afficher d'un seul coup toutes les news du site grâce à un fabuleux objet Flash développé par Marumushi. Plus les news ont d'articles rattachés plus la taille de la news est grande dans le module, ce qui permet en un instant de voir ce qui sort du lot parmi 7 domaines : Internationnal, France, Economie, Science Hight Tech, Sport, Culture et Santé. PLus d'informations sur [] Allez sur [] pour plus de modules

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1 | Posted by ronald-netvibes | 29/06/2008 7:47:43
How about countries in Asia? Such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, etc....
2 | Posted by guest | 14/02/2007 22:25:49 | Delete
Hey, thanks you tried it! It's great though - I'll just open the settings in another tab. ;-)
3 | Posted by api53bb0ccd96133 | 14/02/2007 15:42:28
I am sorry but it's not possible to hide the archive calendar. And for the flash overlay, I tried to fix it but it's due to the flash player and we can't hide it (at least minimize it with the left arrow) :(
4 | Posted by guest | 14/02/2007 9:56:23 | Delete
Oh, I just noticed that the plugin doesn't stay in the background if I'm opening the settings page. Can you fix this?
5 | Posted by guest | 14/02/2007 9:12:32 | Delete
It's great! The only thing I miss is the possibility to minimize the view a little bit. For example I'd love to hide the archive calendar. Thanks for this great stuff!
6 | Posted by guest | 08/02/2007 9:24:44 | Delete
Your modules are brilliant. I am glad you are including English Versions. Excellent Work and very useful!
7 | Posted by hgn32 | 07/02/2007 15:20:29
loves it !

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