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Official module for task management and to-do list service, Remember The Milk.

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1 | Posted by crew.ri | 15/04/2008 20:23:56
Crashes repeatedly in Firefox - no matter how stubborn I am at trying to install it...
2 | Posted by mknord | 15/04/2008 5:34:35
crashes my firefox browser :-( Firefox/ on Xp
3 | Posted by jared_atchison | 11/04/2008 18:41:45
Used to be my favorite widget! As of about a week ago or so, the widget completely crashes Firefox (on my Win and OSX machines). Also tested Opera- crashed it as well. Completely disappointing since I have used this widget since day one. The Google ig widget still works it seems.... grrrr so frustrationg
4 | Posted by psuliin | 10/04/2008 19:02:52
I'm also having a problem installing this widget: it crashes Firefox whenever I try to install it. I'm running Fox on Win XP.
5 | Posted by royazr | 07/04/2008 9:58:31
Caused my firefox ( to crash (Windows XP)
6 | Posted by quadchaos | 01/04/2008 19:45:19
Would love to use this module, but when I try to add it it causes my browser to close out on me. Running Firefox on WinXP
7 | Posted by nathanpeterson | 18/02/2008 5:11:29
would still really like some more options here. auth via the module. sorting by tag. read-only version.
8 | Posted by imitationgame | 16/01/2008 23:01:14
I occasionally get the problem Nessuna describes. Also, is there a way to resize the module's height? It is quite a bit too long for my taste. Otherwise it's working great.
9 | Posted by gert.verhaeren | 09/11/2007 13:44:52
I to would like to know how to display all of my tasks at once ?
10 | Posted by maciek | 02/10/2007 13:23:35
The widget displays the tasks which are due tomorrow or today. But I would like to see all of my tasks displayed at once, along with the dates, so I can see them before its to close! Is it possible?
11 | Posted by glen.mcnamee | 26/09/2007 19:53:17
I've have exactly the same issue as Boe described.
12 | Posted by pfmeurer | 25/09/2007 13:19:05
Maybe you want to improve the German translation? Please replace the \"due\"-word \"Niemals\" by \"Irgendwann\". Every task should be done sometime (irgendwann) even when no date was set.
13 | Posted by api542721e5c801a | 30/08/2007 19:38:27
There's a problem: since I've moved, Remember the Milk is stuck on "loading" everytime I try to load my page (most of other pods work fine).
14 | Posted by guest | 11/08/2007 19:41:08 | Delete
My Netvibes module is running a day behind. It thinks that "Today" is the 10th, "Tomorrow" is the 11th, and so on. I've checked my time zone and it matches the one I have set on RTM. Any other fixes to try?
15 | Posted by guest | 02/08/2007 10:08:07 | Delete
Refresh problem still exists. Cookie exception doesn't help, nor does disabling anti-popup, disabling ad-blocking, etc. Additionally: Module background color is hardcoded white. Switch to a dark theme and RTM looks really goofy as the only module with a white background.
16 | Posted by guest | 02/08/2007 7:31:59 | Delete
I think a nice idea would be to display which list the Task is located in (like below the task in gray or something). Very useful for us that want to list all Tasks but want to know which list it came from. Not sure how I lived without RTM and this Module! :D
17 | Posted by rbwright1 | 12/07/2007 21:06:19
Like said nauthiz693, this helped me using RTM everyday. But filtering by tag + lists could also be nice. Thank you for this cool widget !
18 | Posted by api5475cdf3ac773 | 09/07/2007 18:20:46
Hey, It just keeps reloading Netvibes like crazy for me. Using Firefox on Vista
19 | Posted by guest | 27/06/2007 21:48:17 | Delete
I have problems loading The RTM-module. Receives this message: There was a problem loading the Remember The Milk module. Please contact RTM support with your browser details and the following message: [Error: name: ReferenceError message: Security error: attempted to read protected variable ] Uses Firefox, Camino and Opera on both Mac and PC.
20 | Posted by guest | 27/06/2007 5:45:26 | Delete
悄悄的问一下,这是做什么的? 我不懂英文……
21 | Posted by guest | 27/06/2007 0:16:32 | Delete
Is there a way to make the module larger so that it holds more items? Most of the other modules have an edit button which allows you to increase the number of items they display. I can't see my whole list!
22 | Posted by guest | 25/06/2007 23:24:48 | Delete
Can you check off tasks in netvibes without going to the rtm site?
23 | Posted by guest | 15/04/2007 7:53:04 | Delete
Also having firefox problems - on 2.0 on Mac X. Gives this message. "Problem while parsing the module. Not valid XML."
24 | Posted by ambre129 | 23/03/2007 18:43:32
For those who are having problems with firefox, try to disable firebug. For me this solve the problem
25 | Posted by guest | 01/03/2007 20:49:20 | Delete
This module does not seem to work in Firefox, but does work in IE - so why is that (other than someone coding only for IE)?
26 | Posted by guest | 01/03/2007 19:37:41 | Delete
I'm receiveing the same code Flo stated at post 11. I can't remember my milk any more #8^(
27 | Posted by guest | 01/03/2007 19:19:58 | Delete
I receive the following message : <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <title>Remember The Milk</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <style> * { margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0; }
28 | Posted by guest | 01/03/2007 3:17:54 | Delete
The RTM Module is a little off with the new coriander style for netvibes.
29 | Posted by guest | 25/02/2007 21:49:31 | Delete
as comment above: it would be vastly more useful if the list names or tags could be filtered within the netvibes module and not just on the rtm site...
30 | Posted by ramblingman | 23/02/2007 12:19:35
Could it be possible to add the list name associated with the task in the task label ? May be like this TODAY [list] - task to do Thanks
31 | Posted by guest | 16/02/2007 15:28:44 | Delete
This was the difference for me between using Rtm and not. Love it.
32 | Posted by guest | 16/02/2007 9:53:34 | Delete
I dunno, I've had nothing but good experiences with it so far. I just recently signed up with RTM (before the module) and I couldn't be happier with it. For a college student and full-time employee with tons of stuff on his plate, I couldn't ask for a better way to organize my schedule. Thanks netvibes and RTM!
33 | Posted by guest | 16/02/2007 1:02:40 | Delete
Just wanted to note that we're aware of some Opera problems with this module and we're working to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience!
34 | Posted by guest | 16/02/2007 1:01:16 | Delete
Tobu: Thanks for reporting this. Please see this <a href="">troubleshooting page</a> -- you may need to make sure that your browser allows cookies in iframes for Remember The Milk. Hope this helps.
35 | Posted by guest | 15/02/2007 21:08:57 | Delete
Yuck, this keeps reloading and stalls my browser. Do test more.

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