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Find your way in the public transportation systems of about 300 cities around the world!

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1 | Posted by mixerchocolate_75-33 | 27/01/2014 12:12:04
I discovered your blog so far ... much information to improve our spaces! So thank you and have a nice day Voyance mail -
2 | Posted by nyattorney | 02/08/2011 11:48:52
Really like this widget.
3 | Posted by nanika | 07/08/2008 13:17:21
The Netvibes team has fixed some issues on their platform, the widget may be working again with the dashboard...
4 | Posted by cajl | 23/05/2008 12:23:23
pareil pour moi sur opera
5 | Posted by fla | 30/04/2008 4:41:06
It works fine in the Leopard (10.5) dashboard for me. Which version of Mac OS X are you using?
6 | Posted by jpetreanu | 22/04/2008 18:59:04
j'ai réussi a l'installer sur le dashboard mais la seule chose qui apparaît c'est la barre bleu clair qui affiche i-Metro a gauche et la i d'information a droite qui vous mêne au chois du langage. Le reste qui est sense d'apparaiitre en bas est limité a une barre blanche de la même taille que la bleu
7 | Posted by jpetreanu | 22/04/2008 17:45:42
Just added the iMetro on my mac but when I click on it in the dashboard it disappears

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