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Countdown – Your own personal countdown gadget. Set your event, date and time and start counting! You can also choose from a variety of cool gadget skins.

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1 | Posted by radsqd | 12/08/2008 14:41:15
does not work!
2 | Posted by nancistj | 10/01/2008 18:02:44
I really love this widget but when I tried to set a second one, both took the settings of the second. Any way to make it repeatable? Great work.
3 | Posted by etabeta | 10/12/2007 14:02:54
I installed this widget but when I input my data, when I re-enter in netvibes I don't find the data I input.
4 | Posted by torsten | 28/09/2007 16:48:16
Great widget, but only in english. I would like to include a german version !(days/Tage/hour=Stunde/minutes/Minuten/seconds=sekunden)
5 | Posted by dsk_tu | 25/09/2007 16:23:38
It would be good to have \'repeat\' option. For example : on every hour, on every day...
6 | Posted by pyk | 25/09/2007 4:45:31
unfortunately can only do up to 999 days--that\'s relatively limiting.
7 | Posted by inbal | 22/09/2007 22:37:50
It has taken me several minutes to figure out how to set the time because there\'s almost no contrast between the text and background colours - please change it.

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