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1 | Posted by atqwa | 05/11/2014 19:56:09
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2 | Posted by atqwa | 05/11/2014 19:54:54
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3 | Posted by atqwa | 05/11/2014 19:54:23
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4 | Posted by atqwa | 05/11/2014 19:53:46
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5 | Posted by atqwa | 05/11/2014 19:53:25
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7 | Posted by sonyvaioz | 24/05/2013 5:50:46
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11 | Posted by bharritt | 28/12/2012 23:43:18
I originally complained about this some time ago, and I will continue to complain until I get some response. On the Netvibes widget, if I change, for example, the "Travel" feed to the "Tech" feed, the next time I start Netvibes, it reverts back to the "Travel" feed. How do I get the "Tech" feed to stick? Also, it is becoming apparent this issue will NOT be addressed unless I pay the bribe and become a VIP Member!
12 | Posted by helen444 | 25/12/2012 15:06:16
it's great!

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