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Follow the Euro Foot 2008 fixtures, date, schedules and results! Bet 4 fun on our website. Le programme, les dates et les résultats de l'Euro Foot 2008 en un clin d'oeil.

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1 | Posted by euro-foot-08 | 11/06/2008 11:18:24
If you want to add this widget on your website: try to copy the code of this page:
2 | Posted by aah | 11/06/2008 1:17:45
how do i add this to my site? I copy/pasted the code <a href=""><img src="" width="91" height="17" alt="Add to Netvibes"/></a> but it only shows a netvibes button.... You can check it at
3 | Posted by inekekielema | 04/06/2008 14:08:23
Ga je bij group standing naar group D dan verschijnt er een pagina met de volgende URL: javascript:void(0) Group D is er dus helemaal niet volgens deze widget
4 | Posted by aiglof | 24/10/2007 15:17:48
Cool widget, I'm looking forward to the EURO FOOT .... but, we've still have to wait for 227 days

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