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The to-do list widget that lets you dynamically add and remove items. Drag items up or down to organize your list.

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1 | Posted by dantyd | 29/11/2013 13:35:31
Hope it can remove the finished tasks automatically.
2 | Posted by steelhalo | 16/11/2010 22:59:05
I love this widget. I only wish I could get this app on my smart-phone that would sync together.
3 | Posted by donut | 08/06/2010 7:45:20
this widget will no longer allow me to delete items from my to-do list. This could become a serious problem pretty quickly.
4 | Posted by wwwmustafa1991 | 20/08/2008 14:30:05
5 | Posted by wwwmustafa1991 | 20/08/2008 14:28:47

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