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Link widget create a badge from your favorite website with thumbnail.

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1 | Posted by castelcop | 28/01/2015 21:49:23
I give you a workaround for multiple links : I build custom RSS feeds with Yahoo! Pipes : 1. "Clone" the pipe and "Edit source", 2. Connect additional "Item Builders" to "Union", 4. Add links, titles and descriptions in Item Builders, 5. Save and "Get as RSS" !
2 | Posted by motoretta2 | 06/08/2012 1:16:20
is there any widget that works with more than one link?
3 | Posted by versak | 06/07/2012 15:35:09
the "reset this module" button is between the label for the thumbnail and the checkbox. that's not very good UI. would love to see a way to make thumbnail smaller. also would like to be able to add more links.
4 | Posted by yojimb0 | 26/05/2011 21:51:54
Only allows one link, and lists the actual Url... we don't need the Url! Just the title and description so we can customize it... I was basically looking to duplicate the functionality of the chrome new tab page so I could make netvibes my permanent, all purpose homepage, but this doesn't look like a way to do it.
5 | Posted by ddrfreaker | 31/10/2010 20:25:41
Good app!!! It makes my favorite page access really easier!!!
6 | Posted by racibo | 30/04/2009 22:39:44
why only one link
7 | Posted by danismend | 23/02/2009 7:54:15
i am not satisfied, it allows only one link:)

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