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1 | Posted by max1234 | 14/03/2015 17:02:45
only top news :(
2 | Posted by binitprads | 05/01/2012 8:42:29
I can no longer logon to facebook using this widget. When i install the widget and press 'Connect', nothing happens :(
3 | Posted by goufalite | 14/09/2011 9:41:08
Looks like the widget shows only top posts (or headlines) of the timeline instead of most recent.
4 | Posted by edgard22360 | 22/08/2010 0:02:05
comment le telecharger?
5 | Posted by philippep | 18/08/2010 14:44:42
Since today , posting comment directs you to the facebook page while it only displayed a answer box yesterday ... Since i cannot access facebook directly , this is very annoying ...
6 | Posted by matt1122 | 11/01/2010 17:41:15
This is by far my favorite of the available Facebook widgets! I did notice one annoying bug though - all posts by "pages" (the ones you "become a fan" of) show as Anonymous. It would also be nice if the friends view showed all your friends statuses instead of just tiles of your friends.
7 | Posted by tamaraandrews | 15/10/2009 18:42:21
I agree with the others, it was good but now you have to go thru so much just to view friends status'. I would rather not go thru the hassel of it. I hope that you will change it back to how it was before. Sometimes when you have a good thing going you need to leave it as it is.
8 | Posted by goufalite | 03/10/2009 9:39:28
There is a translation mistake in the French version of this widget when there is only 1 comment : it is not "1 commenter" but "1 commentaire".
9 | Posted by dingojones | 17/08/2009 18:20:23
I agree with the previous commenters. This was a great widget *before* the changes, and I certainly wish you had at least left the option to have the old "simple status view". But bigger than that, the fact that the feed is now full of quizzes AND people who I have hidden makes the widget pointless. Having a MORE cluttered feed view than the regular site kinda defeats the purpose of using the Netvibes widget version. Please address.
10 | Posted by donaldxp | 21/07/2009 18:47:06
WTF? The Updates of all Facebook-"Pages" show up as from "Anonymous" in the timeline!
11 | Posted by ddawdry | 19/07/2009 13:47:27
This was a good widget for seeing what your fb friends' statuses are, can't do that any more so have stopped using it. Why just delete a function that people find useful without a word? Do you think people all want the same as you? Rubbish now.
12 | Posted by sharkcrow | 17/07/2009 6:23:19
I really liked this widget until the changes were made to it. There needs to be an option so that stupid quiz results aren't shown in the feed. People who in facebook i've chosen to not see updates for still show up in this application.
13 | Posted by smggl | 16/07/2009 22:35:17
Quelques bugs dans la nouvelle version de ce widget - le bouton de validation du pager est masqué derrière les icones (event group ...) - la preference "pager position" ne semble pas fonctionner - le contenu de la timeline n'est pas toujours a jour (se corrige en actualisant le widget

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