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1 | Posted by jtfields | 23/04/2009 6:33:30
Update: Noticed the widget now has an option to specify minutes or seconds. Awesome!
2 | Posted by jtfields | 17/11/2008 7:02:43
I've been using this widget for a month now. I have it installed seven times on one page with each module showing a different slideshow from two different Flickr accounts. It is awesome!!!! The primary reason I set out to use a service like Netvibes was because I wanted a very personal homepage with lots of slideshows. I spent a lot of time looking at the various Flickr widgets and this one is by far the best I've found. It uses Flickr's API so once you enter your Flickr account info you will then need to log into your Flickr account where you will be prompted to okay the program's access. It logs in automatically from then on even if you change your password. You can turn off the ability of MyFlickr to access your account at anytime in your Flickr account settings. The widget is highly configurable and well thought out. You have a lot of control over the content and how it is displayed. You can specify sets, groups and tags as well as whether to include only photos from your account. You also specify the quality (resolution) of the photo as well as the photo size. The resolution selections are the same selections that are available to you when you click the "all sizes" button on a photo in Flickr. The photo size slections are photo size, window size and fractions of the window size (i.e 75% of window size). Basically the "photo size" selection resizes the photo so that it fits in the widget with only a minimal amount of resizing of the widget when photos of different dimensions and orientations are displayed. This setting will have larger borders around the photo and the photo will be smaller. The "windows size" displays the picture so that the left and right borders are as small as they can be and the photo is as large as can be based on your Netvibes column size. This can cause the widget to resize so that it is quite large when a vertically oriented photo is displayed. Keep in mind that if you chose "window size" the pictures will be larger which, depending on the size of your columns, may need a larger resolution (quality) selection in order for your pictures to look good. My Netvibes page consists of four equally sized columns. I've found that the best settings for that setup are a photo size setting of "photo size" and a quality setting of "240" for the slideshows that I do not want to resize so that they are big. On the slideshows where I want the picture to be as big as possible I use a photo size setting of "window size" and a quality setting of "500". The only thing I would change if I could would be to allow the interval between each picture to be less than one minute. Currently the interval is specified in whole numbers that represent minutes. So "1" is one minute between each picture, "2" is two minutes and so on. I would like to see it recognize fractions (i.e. .5 = 30 seconds, 1.25 = 75 seconds, etc.) or allow you to specify in seconds instead of minutes (i.e. 30 = 30 seconds, 120 = 2 mintues, etc.). All in all Nocolas should be commended on a fantastic widget!!!

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