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Display's offerings, including optionally displaying wine.woot and shirt.woot items. Will refresh every 20 seconds during a Woot Off event.

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1 | Posted by Negative3Kelvin | 02/10/2009 1:40:13
I updated the code to add Kids.Woot. 20091001
2 | Posted by manthano | 10/06/2009 4:36:08
Doesn't seem to work right in Safari 4... It displays the pictures and prices, but not the item names...
3 | Posted by Negative3Kelvin | 10/08/2008 7:52:01
I updated the code to repair the absence of the Woot Shirt. 20080810
4 | Posted by illuminaughty | 31/03/2008 15:23:41
This is very nice work. It has everything that I want to know about what's on sale at Thank you!

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