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Create your own stock portfolio to watch. For each stock, see a detailed, interactive chart. Read a description of the stock as well as arguments to buy or sell written by the members of community. Daily angle provides news from the world of stocks. Enter your wikinvest user name to display your user profile inside the widget. (Great for your universe.)

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1 | Posted by dschoi321 | 19/04/2014 17:38:30
Wikinvest simply doesn't work on Netvibes.
2 | Posted by ptrio3 | 11/04/2014 17:51:05
My Wikinvest in Netvibes is now showing "no information" for all the symbols which used to show quotes. Is there a fix, or is Netvibes just not up to the task?
3 | Posted by davidhpage | 09/02/2014 1:53:01
Cannot get Canadian quotes.
4 | Posted by jcshultis | 23/10/2013 22:18:29
Yes, a responsive, reliable, complete, updating stock/investment monitor is a must. Either fix the Wikinvest thing or replace it with one that works. The Wikinvest app doesn't update, even when prompted. It doesn't recognize many symbols/exchanges. It doesn't provide ticks or market cap or other columns of data needed - only a quote and percent change. I need to know quote (price), amount up/down, percent up/down, market cap, and volume, at least. Must link to current details on any quote: graphs, news, etc.
5 | Posted by bromovite | 16/10/2013 1:36:39
I've just opened a topic asking Netvibes to create a stock portfolio widget like on iGoogle. Would appreciate any votes you can give it as I'm desperate to get this running again. Bevan
6 | Posted by jlau23 | 04/09/2013 21:55:20
useless and not even close to igoogle. I'll be deleting this now and looking for something better.
7 | Posted by paulmama | 16/07/2013 23:42:43
Really lousy! Dear Netvibes - Please look at the iGoogle widget and copy it. They had it right!
8 | Posted by coolwhip | 18/06/2013 3:03:43
Junk. Doesn't update. Is Netvibes even trying? There STILL is not one stock portfolio widget that actually works. Some of these posts go back five years. It's not just this widget, but ALL stock widgets. Isn't anyone working on this? Pretty basic need.
9 | Posted by dbdweeb | 05/06/2013 21:04:08
Content is static and does not get updated throughout the day. Refresh does not work. Netvibes is supposed to be a dashboard to the world but it does not have even one working stock portfolio tracking app.
10 | Posted by dberthia | 08/03/2010 17:12:33
Says "No information found" for any of my Vanguard mutual funds. Useless.
11 | Posted by dberthia | 08/01/2009 15:11:08
This widget hasn't worked for me in months. I just get an "Error loading the data. Please "Edit" your widget preferences." message. I've tried editing my setting, to no avail.
12 | Posted by jsbrodsky | 23/10/2008 22:40:00
How can you show the actual dollar amount change in addition to the percentage change? If you could do that it would be perfect (for me atleast)
13 | Posted by armcharles | 30/09/2008 4:27:42
You can get the DJI by simply typing: ".DJIA"; as for IXIA, I'm assuming you want the NASDAQ composite index. For that, just type COMP.
14 | Posted by fsa | 31/08/2008 22:48:14
Doesn't work with EU stocks please have it work with tickers, ex FR0000054470
15 | Posted by fbnbf | 27/08/2008 10:25:21
I want to put "Vinci SA" (DG.PA) and it doesn't work is it normal? thank's
16 | Posted by hcadsl | 27/08/2008 7:51:51
Is it working with french financial place Paris ? And if yes, how do you do to enter the code ?
17 | Posted by gidi | 26/08/2008 14:41:25
How do you show ^IXIC or ^DJI on it?

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