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App: Multi-Image Display

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Display multiple images from an RSS feed where images are URLs in the item.content node (or where you specify in the widget preferences). Images can be displayed neatly in columns (number of your choosing) and will resize to the width of the widget. If you need to tinker with a 3rd party RSS feed such as one from Picasa Web Albums then I'd recommend you use Yahoo Pipes. This can help you get the image URL (only) into the node you specify in the preferences, e.g. item.content ..or maybe.. item.enclosures\[0\].url Picasa seems to generate Atom-based feeds (not RSS2) and I've found that the images are in a node that I can't work out. Get around this problem by using a Yahoo Pipe I've published. For all the info you need, please visit my blog article here:

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