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Ever found yourself staring at a progress bar and wondered why? Simple, it makes it easier to visualize time passing by... So why not have your own PERSONAL progress bar? Use this fun timer to see when your weekly meeting is going to end, when your day is "at 50%" or for any other task you can think of. Just set the title, minutes and seconds and let it count. Passing time was never this fun.

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1 | Posted by guest | 12/03/2007 9:32:31 | Delete
I love this countdown! When I first read the description though, it sounded like it can only countdown time in matters of minutes ... but that seemed wrong so I tried it. It's great! Does its function and is very cute and entertaining at the same time. I just wish there wasn't all that extra space around the actual counter (or maybe it's just the way I have my columns set up). Great counter! I'm counting down to spring break... 10 days 16 hours! :)
2 | Posted by guest | 14/10/2006 0:28:06 | Delete
I haven't even tried it yet, and it sounds awesome.. thanks for making this ummmmm, countdown timer thingy.. :-D
3 | Posted by secriture | 22/07/2006 22:39:04
Really cool. I can now see exactly how much time is left to my school session :P

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