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A Widget to emulate the dashboard view of the website and more!. See yours or your friends tracks and charts, recommended artists, recommended music, recommended events, and compare users.

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1 | Posted by aria623 | 28/09/2012 2:35:49
The latest changes are outstanding! I was apprehensive about the impending demise of iGoogle, especially since I couldn't find a replacement for my last fm dashboard. Your widget has changed that and, in my opinion, is superior. Thank you for all you have done, as well as your responsiveness to user concerns.
2 | Posted by aria623 | 22/09/2012 23:28:24
I'm getting used to the features and the size of the dashboard. I really like that you've included the friend's avatar and the album covers, in color.Nice!!!
3 | Posted by aria623 | 22/09/2012 6:26:30
Thanks for adding this to Netvibes! I'm an iGoogle transplant and was thrilled when I found your widget. Thanks again!

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