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A basic Google Calendar Agenda widget. Each calendar entry box can be specified with a Google Calendar HTML address (See for more help regarding finding your calendar's HTML address). Note: This uses Google's embedded calendar API. Different colored calendars are not supported (technically, multiple calendars aren't even supported...but it works).

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1 | Posted by nosnhojm | 14/09/2008 13:54:03
I've updated the widget to include additional options. In order to maintain backwards compatibility, I left this widget alone, and create a new location for the new widget:
2 | Posted by skl | 13/07/2007 22:02:54
I prefer this module, it is more configurable :
3 | Posted by guest | 02/06/2007 12:14:57 | Delete
Not exactly sure what I am supposed to be putting into the "calendar" text boxes ? The iCal URL ? Xml Url ? Html Url ? Something else ? Have been trying ical but getting "calendar not available" errors... Thanks Ben
4 | Posted by guest | 17/05/2007 17:12:45 | Delete
Multiple agenda's does not work for me :-( Only when I'm logged in into google calendar in another window, both agenda's show in the widget. After restarting netvibes, it says 'nothing planned'. Is there a trick?
5 | Posted by guest | 02/05/2007 2:09:16 | Delete
This widget is great. I'm surprised its not as popular as the Google calendar embedded. Great job!

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