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Added on Jan 22, 2007



Welcome to bub.blicio.us! Aside from recent reports and analysis that position the current tech economy as a spike rather than a new bubble, there are other factors to highlight and further examine that may well inspire continued economic success. The people, the events, and the parties behind the tech paint a much different picture. From a social standpoint, the bubble is back baby with 2.0 times the grandeur and fun – with a little dash of humility thrown in for good measure. bub.blicio.us is here to help capture the excitement behind everything two point oh – especially the party and event scenes in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. No panels, no keynotes, no tradeshows, just a lens into the social scene that’s energizing and shaping Bubble 2.0 and the new Valley economy behind it. Keep us on your party list. Let us know about your events. Send us the things we just won’t see on upcoming.org. We might just send someone out there to cover the soiree. Contact us at dontpop@gmail.com

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