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E-Auction-Air - eBay, e-Commerce News and Information

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E-Auction-Air - eBay, e-Commerce News and Information


Welcome to EAuctionAir.com Home of the Internet's most informative talk radio show & blog devoted to everything eBay, e-commerce and more. Want to Learn eBay Powerseller Secrets?...or Better Yet, How to Think Like a Powerseller? * Looking for competitive strategies on Overstock.com Auctions or eBay? * Seeking to transform your online auction business? * Looking for the latest marketing ideas? * Ready to make the leap to your own e-commerce website? Every week on my internet radio show & blog, I'll be giving you straight answers to your questions on how to make your online auction & e-commerce experience fun and profitable. Irreverent, Informed, Irrepressible...I take it as my sworn duty to ferret out the very best tactics & examples of savvy e-commerce while at the same time, reserving a rabid ferret or two for those who richly deserve them.


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