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Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center

Added on Dec 13, 2007

Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center


THE GOLDEN SPIKE TOWER AND VISITORS CENTER Experience the UPRR Bailey Yards, the worlds largest exchange yard, from two amazing viewing platforms. Enjoy this historic, attractively landscaped site with lots of parking and designated drop off zones. Bring your friends and family to see the yards from the main level 95 feet above the ground. The main level is 1,925 square feet of floor space and the grand 360 degree view is fully enclosed. For the true railroad aficionado. Our second viewing platform is 7 stories off the ground and open to the elements. A one-of-a-kind experience. Feel and hear the action going on below. Accessible by elevator or a pair of stairs that lead up to each landing, the tower itself is a combination of pre-cast concrete and a steel hanging structure. A single story depot-style building is the main entrance to the tower and the site.

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