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NOlympia - The nonviolent Olympia 2008 Boycott Blog

被添加到 2008年3月28日

NOlympia - The nonviolent Olympia 2008 Boycott Blog


The 2008 Olympics will take place in Beijing, China between Aug. 8-24, 2008! The NOlympia campaign calls for an internet boycott - or better: A webellion 2.0! And you can be a part of it. All you have to do is: 1. Do not watch, read or talk about the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. 2. Do not buy products from official sponsors! Buy local! 3. Do not watch the Olympics on TV! 4. Support a politcal boycott: lobby your politicians not to attend the Olympics 2008! 5. Do something else during the “Great Games” and reveal the propaganda of the chinese leaders. Convince your friends not to watch the Olympics and organise alternative activities instead! Raise awareness for human rights issues in China. Participate in protest rallies in your community! 6. Tell your friends about this boycott! 7. Inform the NOlympia campaign and let the world know about your action: info.nolympia@googlemail.com & Show your support with our banners! Why NOLYMPIA? The Olympic Games 2008 are (again) only about money. China is a brutal dictatorship that is known for many human rights abuses. Thus, we think that it is a shame that this totalitarian and brutal regime is allowed to organise the greatest sports event of our time. We, the people (and consumers!), shouldn’t let this happen. Let’s fight for humanity and democracy! Let’s show “the leaders of the world” that we won’t tolerate violence against civilians even if we are rewarded with an extraordinary sports or entertainment event. NOLYMPIA - humanity first! Your benefits: 1. Fighting for freedom and peace is satisfying! 2. It’s fun!


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