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Jun 29, 2010
black, mamba
dark, green

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1 | Posted by wanderaround | 19/09/2013 6:30:00
I'm a new user to Netvibes, and was disappointed to see that the background colors on widgets/panels can't be changed, even with a theme. Based on the comments here, it looks like themes could previously change the background, but not since May 2013. It's definitely not listed as one of the options in the theme documentation. Bummer.
2 | Posted by larrxx | 15/08/2013 21:27:28
Still waiting on a fix for the black background! How hard can this be?!?! Could you at least tell me how to get the XML URL for the theme? I'll edit it myself for God's sake!
3 | Posted by guybrushfr | 04/08/2013 1:34:10
This and Darkvibes have been broken FOR MONTHS now, please do look into this issue : the white background is horrible to the point it's become an eye-hazard. It worked FOR YEARS before. How hard can it be to fix ? Change some color value on your side ? I use dark css found on Stylish for most sites and Windows as I can't stand white backgrounds at night. Having to bear this blinding white light when I must check my RSS at night is harmful.
4 | Posted by penelope-s | 26/05/2013 16:03:46
Why does the beautiful black turn to withe and light blue ? Could you fix that ? :(
5 | Posted by micentaure | 10/05/2013 14:48:53
I love this theme but recently the black background change from black to white?? Why? Please could you fix that.
6 | Posted by larrxx | 02/05/2013 13:02:03
What happened to the dark BG in the apps? :(
7 | Posted by zacomaco | 11/04/2013 8:15:25
Is this the only theme with a black background for netvibes reader? I can't find any others

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