Firefox Extension

The Firefox extension gives you a quick and easy way to add a website's feed to your Netvibes page. You will be able to "star" your favorite websites into your public activities, for all your followers. To see if a feed is available on the current page, simply hit the green "+" button to add it to your Netvibes, and enjoy it any time you access Netvibes.

1 - Instali la kromprogramon

Install Netvibes Firefox Extension

(works from Firefox 1.5 to Firefox 4.0)

Instali la kromprogramon

Se vi vidas tiun ĉi mesaĝon supre de la paĝo, musklaku "Agordaĵoj de redaktado", "Permesi", "Fermi" kaj denove musklaku la instal-ligilon.

2 - Restartigi Modzilan Fajrovulpon

Restartigi Modzilan Fajrovulpon

Once the extension is validated and installed in Firefox, you must restart the browser in order to finish the installation, and use the extension. After the restart, you will see a new button in your toolbar. Ginger users will also see an additional button to star any page!