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App: aarWorld - 3D Globe

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3D globe to spin and explore: weather forecasts, world time clock and day/night cycle for a huge list of major cities and popular holiday destinations. Set your nearest home location and compare the time and weather with over 100 other destinations!

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1 | Posted by damian | 21/08/2008 10:36:23
HI - there is an update coming Very soon. We have taken the time from a reliable world timeserver so no more issues with daylight savings - We can now plot any location on the globe that you can find in Googlemaps - Version 2 is completely reliable, shiny, all new, and coming to a screen near you very soon.
2 | Posted by Aarkid | 26/11/2007 10:30:06
Hi Jay, thanks for letting us know. We are currently looking into this problem and will have it fixed soon (this upgrade will happen automatically). We are also planning some new features, so keep an eye out for them!
3 | Posted by jayanu | 26/11/2007 7:59:41
Hi, I like this Widget! However you may want to adjust the time for USA cities based on Daylight Savings time. It shows 3 AM but it is really 2 AM in NYC now. Thanks! Jay Shah
4 | Posted by Aarkid | 25/10/2007 11:19:46
Hello to all, give this a try, you need to drag over the globe to rotate it, or click a city to see the weather and time info for that city. We will be adding more cities as quickly as we can. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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